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When you hire a venue for your function, and plan the décor, never overlook the lighting because that will transform the whole ambiance of your evening. Lighting is one of your best investments for your function because you can save so much money on décor and look like you have spent a fortune. Lighting is generous because it is soft and inviting and sets such a wonderful mood for your guests and can make your décor look luxurious and dreamy. You can create all kind of themes for your functions with color to create the atmosphere of your dreams. For a winter wonderland effect blue and white is a stunning combination used by our clients to set a magical mood. You would need white table settings, flowers or simply branches sprayed with white Christmas spray covered with dangling crystals and complimented by twelve to fifteen blue up lighters. The results will dazzle your guests.

If you want something very regal, classy, and palatial we recommend using golds creams and even peaches or soft yellows in your draping table settings and flowers complimented with turquoise up lighters. The result is just magnificent and very impressive. If you want warm hues for a rich Moroccan theme you would choose the rich reds for your party, or if you want soft pinks or purples for a fairy tale affect that also is incredibly beautiful. If you fancy earthy colors like brown draping and creams they can be transformed to another level with up lighters either in green or turquoise which will look really rich and sumptuous and will definitely impress your guests. You can also play with color if you wish by blending two complimentary color lights together like pink and purple to create a dramatic effect with color. Some people may prefer to just have a white up lighters to enhance their setting and that is also very subtle and beautiful but will transform the décor. The choices are endless. Our advice is to think about the kind of mood you want to create at your function and the color you would like to use. If you want any advice do not hesitate to give us a call.

Our lighting packages are in huge demand because our clients realize the importance of lighting for their functions but also the packages are extremely affordable and will help you to cut down on your décor costs immensely We also can create wonderful effects with Gobo lighting such as your name in lights etc, etc, so the options are endless. Remember that your venue at night will be quiet dark so the lighting will make a huge difference and really show off your décor as well as enhance your photographs dramatically.


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