At Starry Night we will discuss with you your musical needs and accordingly select the right wedding dj for your function. However if you like the sound of one of our wedding DJ's in particular please let us know and we will see whether he is available for you on the date of your function .

DJ Stan

I am passionate about being a wedding dj. People always come up to me after a party and tell me they have never had such fun. I always interact with the crowd at a party and enjoy involving everyone in party games if they like that sort of thing. My objective is to make the party rock and boy it always does. That is what being a wedding DJ is all about. You really need to love people in this game. My favourite music is eighties stuff but believe me I am not stuck in a time warp. I will play whatever my client is into and what the crowd needs to get them grooving and moving. I am also hired for corporate functions, Karaoke, Jewish weddings and Barmitsvah and I love it all. I have been working for Roy since 2003.

DJ Brian

Being a wedding dj is super cool. I have worked for Roy since he first started the business in 1997 which means we have been mates a long time. I am very experienced as a wedding dj and often do work for highveld radio because I'm a good speaker. Sometimes people hire me for MC roles as well. I am naturally gifted at reading crowds at parties because my skills have been sharpened and perfected over years of doing parties. You know you are good when the party swings and I know how to make that happen every time.

DJ Marco

I've been with Roy since 1998. I live and breathe music. Being a wedding dj is like a drug to me because I can never get enough of doing parties. It is a lekker job because people are so appreciative and thankful. I also have a lot of experience at playing for Portuguese, Greek and Lebanese and Afrikaans functions because of my background. I am lucky to be so familiar with different cultures because it means I can play for any party and make it rock.

DJ Eddie

I enjoy being an Afrikaans wedding dj because I am Afrikaans although I have been trained to play for all backgrounds and cultures. I am a sound engineer so I do know my craft. My objective at a party is to make everyone have a lekker time. I like to get that old tannie who has not moved a muscle for years on to that floor dancing and strutting her stuff. That is what a party is about and believe me I can get even the tannies moving. I have been with Starry Night since 2003 and I play for all parties, weddings, corporates, Karaoke etc.

DJ Trevor

I have been a wedding dj for yonks. I've worked here since 2002 but long before that I was always in to music big time. I really love alternative music and rock but you know what, I like it all. The way I see it is as long as I have a crowd, I will make it happen for them and I will work the music according to their tastes and preferences. You can tell what they are in to the moment you see the crowd. I don't know how you know but you just do when you have been doing parties as long as I have. You just get a feel for things and it just flows and you know you get it right by the response of the crowd. That's the best feeling by the way, knowing everyone is happy.

DJ Warren

I have been a DJ since 2005 . Roy trained me in the business and I was hooked. I knew I would be a good wedding dj because I enjoy people and love music. My favourite stuff is eighties. I even get requested for twenty firsts to do eighties music. It seems to be a hot favourite with so many because the music then really rocked. I also like recent stuff as well but like any wedding dj you have your favourites but you generally like everything. I believe in making the client happy every time. You give them what they want and read the crowd so that everyone is rocking that is what it is all about. .

DJ Vincent

I believe being a good wedding dj starts with understanding what your client wants from you. You also need a ton of experience and talent. Reading a crowd is a huge skill and if a client hires someone inexperienced it will cost them big time. A party like that is pitiful because it just struggles to happen and then people just leave. Being a wedding dj is a little like being Physic because it is an inner sense of knowing what is right to play for that party. I love all music and play for all kinds of functions from 21st to weddings but my favourite music is Afrikaans, rock and alternative. I have been at Starry Night Since 2003.

DJ Grant

I have been at starry night since 2006. It really is cool working for Roy because he really is a decent guy. I don't think I could ever give up being a wedding dj because this job is in my blood. It is my passion. I play for all kinds of parties from thirteenth birthday parties, twenty firsts, thirtieths and weddings. I get a buzz reading the crowd correctly. Every party is different, so what you play really depends on your crowd. That is what makes this game really such a blast because you feel a sense of proud satisfaction when you see everyone having a good time.

DJ Luciano

All music rocks to me. It does not matter what it is. I love it all, so I am pretty versatile as a wedding dj because I am open to playing anything. I play for a lot of kiddie's birthday parties, twenty firsts, thirtieths, weddings, karaoke etc. I find that people book me over and over again so I know that they like me as a DJ which is cool. I have learnt a great deal from my Dad who is a DJ, which is a big, plus for me but I have been working for Roy since 2006.

DJ Shaun

I have been working for Starry Night since 2007. I think in some ways I am a perfectionist because I like things to be exactly right. I always want to make every party more than a success. Even though I am hard on myself, I do find being a wedding dj very uplifting for me because I enjoy people and love music. I find that my parties are spontaneous and the music just flows and everyone has a brilliant time. I really believe I am blessed because reading the crowd has become so effortless for me these days. I play for all kinds of Jewish functions, weddings, karaoke, corporates and parties.

DJ Peter

I have been with Roy since 2006. I enjoy being a Afrikaans wedding dj but I like everything. I have been trained in every area of the disco business so nothing is off limits and I am good at what I do. I enjoy being a wedding dj. I think it really makes me unwind and relax seeing people having fun and a good time. I find that if people like you they recommend you to their friends and so you get booked over and over again which is great.

DJ Garth

I am a wedding dj and been with Roy since 2004. People are always requesting me for their functions because they like the way I DJ. I believe I am good because I love what I do and that makes a difference. People sense you are having fun and respond to that in a big way. You also need to read the crowd and know what they are expecting from you. It is important that you are on the ball as a wedding dj so that you don't overlook anything that is important to your client and you must never play the music too loud so that your guests cannot talk. My favourite music is eighties but you know as a wedding dj I like everything. I play a lot for weddings and parties.

DJ Adrian

I have been working for Roy since 2003 and being a wedding dj rocks. It is the best job ever. Every party for me is fun because I always succeed in getting people on to the dance floor dancing. It is a talent that develops and matures over time. The more you play the better you get as a wedding dj and the easier it becomes for you. People are always phoning up Starry Night requesting my services and saying that the parties I play for are fantastic. Afrikaans functions are a speciality of mine but I play for all kinds of functions and nothing is too much of a challenge for me.

DJ Nelson

I think if you are in this business you don't mind late nights, you love people and music is your life. Being a wedding dj is not easy. It really does take a long time to perfect your skills and develop talent. I have been a DJ for ages and worked for Roy since 2006 and so I know what I am doing and how to read the crowd so that everyone has a blast. I am hired for a great deal of Portuguese, Lebanese and Greek functions but you name it and I will do it.

DJ Roy

I have been in the mobile disco business since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I started Starry Night in 1997 and have never looked back. My secret is hiring the most talented and skilled wedding DJ's to work for my business so that we keep our reputation of being the best mobile disco in the industry. I am an active wedding dj in my business because music is my passion. When it comes to music I love absolutely everything and I play for all kinds of cultures, nationalities, functions, parties and weddings. I think versatility is my name because I play at every occasion for any and everyone and my parties are always successful. It all boils down to reading the crowd and making that party an occasion to remember.

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